Information Regarding Memberships - Email received

Dear all,

As you know we are in the midst of troubling times. While we all do what we can to carry on & do the best for our families and friends it's really heartening to see Memberships and Donations still coming in. We now have several ways that you can become a Member of the NABD, with one-off annual payments & monthly payment plans via PayPal. We now also have a Direct Debit mandate system in place and to try and reduce overheads, we are now sending membership renewals via email whenever possible.

If you receive an email with the heading “Membership Renewal Notice from National Association for Bikers with a Disability” from quickbooks@notification dot intuit dot com, check the membership number quoted on the email to ensure it is correct. You should also receive another email inviting you to set up a Direct Debit if you wish to pay in this manner. This system is new & we have had enquiries as to whether this email is genuine. We can assure you that it is.

We are continually grateful for all of our stalwart members & all of their fundraising efforts over the years. We trust you will all stay safe & well, heed the Health Advice & see you at the end of all of this, in a field somewhere for a pint & some belting tunes!


Webmaster - NABD



If you would like to Donate to help us cover the costs already incurred in the planning of the Rally, you can do so via Paypal using the button below.


The NABD AGM will be on Saturday 27th June 2020
Please follow this link for more info &
we need folks to attend if they possibly can!

Download the Nabdonia Rally Flyer 2020 as a PDF here. Nabdonia Rally 2020 flyer image


The NABD Herald Bike Prize Draw

The lovely Herald 250 bike that was given to us to raffle off has been won. The raffle was drawn at The NEC bike show and the winning ticket number 6819 was bought by Tara Turner from Cannock. We have dropped the bike back to Herald so they can fettle it up for the lucky new owner. Once prepared it will be delivered to the winner.

So, congratulations to Tara and many thanks to the Herald Motor Company

Many Thanks to all who entered & hopefully we’ll have some pictures of the lady receiving the keys within the next few weeks.

Meet our Vice-Chairman

Open House Magazine

We are now using an Online Magazine Publication system to host copies of the Open House Magazine.

They can be found from the link in the Menu or from here

When each Issue is published, we will make the previous issue downloadable.

There will be one printed issue in January each year, to include valid Members Year Bars when posted out to you.

Printed copies of each magazine will be available from the Office on request.

The band Apostles of Chaos have very kindly decided to donate all the proceeds from their single 'Drifter' to the NABD.
Inspired by the Vulcan Riders Association, the single is available from their website.

Don't just listen to it here, go & buy it on Bandcamp NOW

Driven to Despair

The Ombudsman Report into the DVLA Drivers Medical Group can be found here


Check out What's Happening - Current Fundraising Events!

National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) is a registered charity that has grown to become the world’s leading support group for motorcyclists who suffer disabilities due to accident, illness, genetic conditions or any other cause.

The NABD offer advice for people with disabilities on matters relating to vehicle modifications, control adaptations, licensing, training, insurance, specialist prosthetics, the registering of custom-built vehicles, exemptions from vehicle excise duty and VAT, vehicle legislation and legal representation.

We offer financial grants (England, Scotland, Wales, Eire, The Isle of Man and the Channel Isles only) to assist with the cost of adaptations and / or modifications to motorcycles, motor scooters, motorcycle / sidecar combinations, motor tricycles and / or quad-cycles to suit the needs of riders or passengers with disabilities.


Whatever the disability, The NABD are happy to help disabled people anywhere in the world with advice and information.


Our aim is to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the freedom and independence of motorcycling irrespective of whether they have a long history of motorcycling or are coming into the world of motorcycling for the first time.


The main aim of the NABD is to ensure that when it comes to motorcycling, a disability should not be a handicap. 

 NABD 25th Anniversary pin badges - IN STOCK!

£3.00 including P&P

The badge is approx 1" wide.

YBN25 pin badge


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